Para Empezar Description Project

In the past 2 weeks we have been learning how to describe others and what they like to do in their free time. Through this unit, I have learned how to write correct sentences in Spanish using adjectives.

I have created a project that has shown what new skills I have learned in class.



Diseases caused from alcohol

  1.  Alcoholic liver disease:  is damage to your liver and the way it functions due to drinking alcohol. It occurs after many years of heavy drinking. Not all heavy drinkers can get this disease, the chances of getting the alcoholic liver disease goes up the longer you drink and the more you consume.
  2.  Alcoholic cardiomyopathy: is a form of heart disease due to drinking alcohol. Long-term drinking causes the heart muscle to thin and weaken, which affects its ability to pump blood. It could lead to heart failure and other life-threatening health conditions. People that have alcoholic cardiomyopathy usually have a history of heavy drinking for 5-15 years.
  3.  Alcohol-induced chronic pancreatitis: heaving drinking can result in progressive and irreversible damage to the pancreas gland. It causes abdominal pain often in the mid-abdomen or upper abdomen.
  4.  Alcoholic myopathy: develops from heavy drinking. It causes painful muscle weakness and atrophy.




Personal Description in Spanish

The purpose for this assignment is because this past week in spanish we have been learning how to describe people in spanish using certain adjectives and verbs. It is important to learn how to describe people in spanish because without it, you would not know what a person is like.

Yo soy honesta, inteligente y curiosa. Me gusta dormir, comer, y mirar Netflix.


electronic portfolio project


Linear Art Design Project

For my semester project in math, we were assigned to make a linear art design. To re-create my design, click the link below.


genius hour project

I have not made progress on my genius hour project.

solving/writing equations

math project.

Genius Hour Blog Post

I have chosen to interview a female police officer and record her everyday life as a female cop.I have chosen to do this for my genius hour project because when I am older I would like to work in the law enforcement. After I finish this project I hope to learn how my life might be and what I have to face in my everyday life.I haven’t started anything yet but, I have planned to call the White Oak Police Department and ask to talk to about any female officers. I will also think and write down interview questions.

lab: ecosystems at school.



In our lab we observed and described how different environments like microhabitats in school yards support different varieties of organisms. Magen, Natalie, and I put our string around a small microhabitat that we wanted to observe. First, we looked all around our area. There was a small stream to the left which let water flow through our microhabitat. Then, we wrote down all of the components in our habitat and started placing small portions of what we found in a zip-lock bag. Here is the components we found: rocks, grass, larva, bean plant, leaves, plants, and dirt. After we filled our bag, we sketched our microhabitat, then took a picture.

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